Detailinformationen zum Anlass 
Modul Fachdidaktik Englisch 1 Sek I+II  

Tanja Rey Kuhn

Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte
  • Theories of Language Acquisition
  • Planning Lessons
  • Learner Autonomy and Learner Training (Strategies in Language Learning)
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Choosing and Assessing Learning Materials
  • A plurilingual and intercultural approach to language teaching (European Language Portfolio)
  • Project Proposal / Formulation of Well Formed Task Descriptions
  • Technology Assisted Language Learning
Zielsetzung This course, run from a humanistic and student-centred perspective, is designed to empower trainee teachers by developing their skills and confidence in facilitating the learning of English as a second language. Students will reflect on key aspects of language learning in a lower secondary school context; they will develop and improve their teaching practice, informing it with theory, to become the best teachers they can be. 
By the end of the course students should:
  • be able to professionally plan different kinds of lessons focusing on different aspects of language acquisition and language skills development.
  • be able to create, realize and assess meaningful units of learning in which aims, activities and assessment are well aligned. 
  • be able to assess learning materials and choose those best suited to their learners individual needs, interests and strengths.
  • be able to select suitable alternatives for efficient and lasting learning from a wide range of methodological options available to them (including technology).
  • be able to reflect upon their own learning and empower themselves by cultivating an attitude and practices supportive of their continual personal and professional development.
Standardfeld Assigned to:
  • SF 1: Fachwissen und -können
Lernarrangement f2f sessions are organised in a cooperative setting with theory inputs and practice examples. Students are expected to actively participate and contribute to the f2f sessions.
Independent study and project work. 
Präsenzregelung In order to fulfill attendance requirements students must be present for at least 80% of the regular meeting times.
Leistungsnachweis Within the context of the English methodology course students are required to do a larger individual project. The aim of the project is to assure students have balance and a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills relating to the subject area with a special view towards curricular requirements. The content and form of the project including evaluation criteria are to be agreed upon in advance by the student and the course moderator. 
The project output should in any case emphasize the relevance for teaching and learning in the ESL classroom. The project output will be made available to the other participants of the course. 
The final grade for the course will be based on a credit system. FD English 1 is given 5 ETCS which means that the work done for the course should correspond to approximately 125 - 150 hours over the semester. The work will include:
  • Preparation for and participation in seminar sessions (reading).
  • project work
  • Written papers or other projects based on literature of choice.
Production of lesson plans and learning materials.
Literatur Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers: Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom by Tricia Hedge (Cornelson, 2011) Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener (Macmillan, 2011)